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Hi there! I'm an Event and Marketing Strategist whose passion is creating unique experiences. I'm a Chicago native who hails from a family of creatives, so I grew up engulfed in the arts. Because of that, I knew that my career path venture along a similar creative path. Managing the magic behind the scenes became what I loved. Since that discovery, I've continued on hone in on my skills and pursue my passion.

I’ve had the privilege to produce some pretty cool live events and campaigns. I've worked with brands, artists, cultural festivals, arts organizations, nonprofits, marketing, and public relations agencies. Over the past 7 years, I have successfully spearheaded full event productions for thousands of attendees, managing the logistics for a wide array of events from concerts, mixed-media productions, summits, festivals, luncheons, fundraisers, to galas. And I look forward to continuing to build that list even more.

I really love the process of taking a big picture idea, breaking that down into the tiniest of details, and executing it to find that perfect balance of magic meeting reality.

When I'm not in work mode, you can be sure to find me at an event or concert, experiencing life - indulging in what others have created.

That’s me, what about you? How can I help you?


Curating experiences to shift culture.

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